Every element of our home is 100% recycled. Every piece is the result of a long process of research, restoration and creativity, carried out with love and care.

We have been collecting and transforming old and abandoned products, adapting them into a new life, while keeping the soul of the past.

You are invited into a space of clever design and decoration, carefully restored, paying attention to aspects of sustainability and recycling. Innovative works of art hang on the walls, and furniture is arranged with fresh style. Unique installations. A new home where you will easily feel creative.

Quality is our ultimate goal. We offer a memorable experience of maximum comfort with the restored elements and creative installations in a compatibly ecological space.

Ecocirer is a lifestyle committed to the conservation of our Earth while exploring the beautiful Tramuntana region, its flora and fauna. Now is the time to give more to our planet and take less, thus minimizing the impact and damage to our Earth.

Our sustainable initiative comes in many forms. From the eco-design and recycling to the vegetables in our kitchen, we consciously search for a way to leave a positive legacy of our actions.

We offer you high quality beds. Linen and towels are 100% organic cotton, specially chosen to give you a comfortable and peaceful nights rest.

Recycling and organic

We all need water and energy. Following our ecologic concept we prefer to launder linen and towels every three days during your stay. We encourage people to save water and not to waste energy. Your help in achieving this is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to have your bed linen and towels changed more frequently, please hang the linen card on the outside of your door.

We give you the choice. You make the decision. Made from local and ecologically based ingredients with no animal testing involved, our cosmetics are environmentally friendly, a holistic treat   in 100% sustainable bottles.

The aroma is a therapy in itself. Clementines, orange blossom and orange leaves. A journey through the famous Valley of the Oranges and a natural treat of the Tramuntana region.