Welcome to the other side of Mallorca.

Ecocirer is a pioneer in offering a responsible way of traveling, incorporating the concepts of art, design, sustainability, ecology, recycling, nature and healthy nutrition. We invite you to experience the simplicity and power of nature in a luxurious setting.

Ecocirer share the joys of a healthy vacation in a unique setting where you, your friends and family can find inspiration and harmony. Reconnect with yourself, relax in contact with nature and embrace a true love-story with life.  A beautiful oasis in the centre of the village of Soller, Ecocirer aims to nourish you of healthy life and conciousness.

A new concept where to feel inspired with a unique experience that might even change your life.

We believe in the art of  creating a conscious home. Taking responsible actions about our future, the future of our children and our planet. All our decisions are based on care for nature, animals and people, participating actively in the conservation of the environment.

Enjoy the benefits of healthy food and a stress-free lifestyle. Our philosophy is for plant-based nutrition, fresh food, local seasonal ingredients and ecological products.  Celebrate each season. We bring Nature’s harvest to the table. Organic, vegan and vegetarian recipes change daily and new dishes are prepared from home-grown vegetables and fruit.

Our sustainable initiative comes in many forms. From the eco-design and recycling to the vegetables in our kitchen, we consciously search for a way to leave a positive legacy of our actions.


A creative atmosphere.

Innovative art pieces are installed throughout the interior spaces and garden.

Nourish your senses with the privilege of being surrounded  by the highly-prized art pieces of an internationally renowned Mallorcan artist, Francesca Martí.