Discover the pumpkins with spices in Ecocirer

pumpkins with spices in Ecocirer

We admit it, we are a have a bit of addiction to all things pumpkin with spices in Ecocirer. Vitamins aside, here the reasons why we love October, Pumpkins and all spices.

Why are we addicted to pumpkins with spices in Ecocirer? (Duh, oh my God!!).

– Pumpkin is the star ingredient of October. Pumpkins recipes come in many forms; roasted seeds for a crunchy snack, soups, pies and pasta dishes. Pumpkin flowers to complement our toast and rinds baked into chips. Even pumpkin as a veggie burger bun!

– The pumpkin makes our recipes super moist. Pumpkin spice kanelbullar, pumpkin spice waffles, chai pumpkin latte, spice carrot & pumpkin cake… Believe me the dough is fluffy, not too sweet, perfectly balanced and with the party touch of pumpkin pie spice of goodness.

Pumpkin breakfast are very easy to be combined. If I may say so, a delicious pumpkin sweet tastes even better with our ecologic coffee and oats milk.

WAIT! Don’t run away. I promise is the perfect treat for teatime as well, to celebrate autumn, or just as an excuse to eat more pumpkin spice.

– Pumpkin recipes make easier to cut the sweetness. And we love cooking white sugar free!

– Only in October, Ecocirer do not smell like oranges and clementine but smells like pumpkin spice instead, and that’s an amazing way to smell.

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Celebrate with us this 30 days of pumpkin spice! with this recipe you will love to stay for breakfast and you will always have a reason to come back every Autumn at Ecocirer.

eatingcolors book ecologic

Or check our new cooking book “Eating Colours”, with some pumpkin spice recipes inside. We love to share our secrets so you can always taste a bit of your holidays from home.

Happy October!

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