The art of creating a conscious home

The art of creating a conscious home

Enjoy maximum comfort with restored elements. Be surrounded by design in a compatibly ecological space.
We love to share some of our creations.

Do you know what the art of creating a conscious home is like?

Breakfast corner healthy and ecological in Mallorca

An old 1900 wooden door is transformed into a large table where you can enjoy a healthy breakfast. The same doors that where welcoming us inside this building.

Heavy parabolic bases and heater expansion tanks are combined with laborious stuccowork and selection of colored pigments.

Huge innovative and natural art pieces give life and movement to the static elements. So, the heaviness becomes delicate and everything makes sense. Giving way to the fusion of past and future, creating a delicious present.

Please, take a sit by your side more healthy

Chairs with a different nationality, gathered in second-hand shops, markets and private houses.
Restoring by highlighting their naturalness or covering them completely in elastics and samples of fabric, creating a new design and a totally modern look.

Samples of fabric of Fanny Aronsen, who was a Swedish textile and product designer who created a unique and influential body of work, as well are used to make all the cushions of the hall and garden.
Sustainable products of high quality.

Headboard covers

Since the motors were turned off, the scraps of fabric remained inside the only Sóller textile factory that remains standing. An industrial gem of the twentieth century.

These phantom fabrics from the industrial past of Sóller, recover life and are nowcovered heads combined with famous brands of high quality bed, such as Mille Notti.


Much of the interior lighting is the result of Ecocirer´s own designs.
The own imagination together with second hand products and old tulips of the house, result in new innovation and the creation of lights, adapted now to LED bulbs.

In Ecocirer work the art of creating a conscious home and if you know more information please contact with us.