The joy a healthy holidays

joy a healthy holidays

We would like you to experience holidays at Ecocirer as a gateway to a more understanding and open relationship with conscious life, nature and food.

An organic living to feel, fix and nourish.We don’t pretend you to live like this every day, forever and ever. We just hope it will inspire and arm you with the right tools, to make good choices to live better and happier. Following a healthier lifestyle, while allowing naughty days and treats.

If you go back home with a luggage full of ideas from your stay, you will start thinking differently about how to live and how to eat. The power of loving, caring and living healthy is so big, that it will immediately touch you and bring you a wave of inspiration with positive changes.

You can joy a healthy Holidays in Ecocirer

Nature is there to be appreciated, loved, shared and enjoyed. Food is there to be colourful, delicious, healthy and fun.
An honest and healthy diet must be complemented with responsible action. Recycling is the best thing we can do; it completes a healthy lifestyle and saves the environment. Otherwise, the world will die and we will be the last survivors of the
planet. Start today!

Imagine a stay where everything had a story, looking around and thinking where everything comes from and the stories they could tell. Ecocirer has a soul and recycled pieces become usable art.

Nourishing your body with our breakfast, fresh colourful and tasty food will help you start your day in the best way. That is something we should embrace. Many of us still believe, mornings are a rush with no time for a juice or a toast with veggies. Not true!

Your healthy stay at Ecocirer

Day by day you will discover a whole world of quick dishes, beautifully presented and fitting easily into your daily routines. As well as slow mornings and weekend brunches.

Walking in nature, with no watch, phone and alarm. Following the light and the sun. What an amazing feeling! Minutes do not exist and there is no time to go back.

Walking in the present, living the moment, getting in touch with the experience. On holidays or not, the best exercise to practice and remember we are alive.

We hope you love your healthy stay as much as we do.