Reasons for choosing a Mediterranean lifestyle

Reasons for choosing a Mediterranean lifestyle

One of the reasons for choosing a Mediterranean lifestyle is because the diet is one of the  most popular diets in the world.

Do you think is only a diet? I think Mediterranean diet means of a lifestyle, a daily practice and a sustainable way of living. Sure this is not an expert opinión. This is me, a Mediterranean woman, sharing my own perspective on the lifestyle we practice at Ecocirer.

¿How many reasons are there to choose a Mediterranean lifestyle?

Follow the diet

Everything is pretty much allowed in the Mediterranean food pyramid.

With such a variety of ingredients, its hard to think we follow a diet. And, we don’t! In our Mediterranean family we just love to eat simple, fresh and healthy.

What I see if I look closer at the Mediterranean food pyramid, is that it focuses on grains and vegetables, proteins from nuts and seefood and far from fatty meats. Olive oil is the main source of fat, almost every recipe at Ecocirer has our olive oil as an ingredient. And yes, thank goodness, we can have a little wine!

The key is to find a balance in your meals according to the Mediterranean food pyramid. Eat more of what’s at the wide base of the pyramid and less and less of the items on the top of the pyramid.

Move natural

Everything is convinent living in the Mediterranean and moving is a natural practice. We do a lot of manual labor, climbing stairs and walking at least the distance to our workplace. We walk to the market, the bakery and we cycle to school. We have a car because we are a big family and we often carry boxes of oranges, veggies and flowers. But we choose first our legs and our bicycle.

The Tramuntana Mountanins invites you to move natural. Adding to your daily life a soft, moderate or high exercise. Walking in nature, is an effective, sustainable healthy habit and mediation. I prefer a 30-minute walk, observing nature, instead of being looked in a gym.

Laugh, the best medicine

A good truth between the Mediterranean people.

I can’t say that this is a characteristic of all people of Mediterranean heritage. It’s a good vibe that feels in the air and makes people smile. It may be the sun, the salty air or the beer out doors, the good thing is that it makes you smile.

Live simple

Mediterranean folks don’t buy too much of any one ingredient. The whole concept of buying in bulk remains foreign. Eating fresh matters and we don’t mind making multiple trips to the market, on foot, mostly. We have many fresh and simple recipes and others like the paella, where leftovers are turned into a stunning flavour-packed rice dish, a delicious way to minimizing waste.

Choose a holiday with style, personality and conscience. A Mediterranean paradise where you can feel, live and be inspired.

Ecocirer is your new home away from home.