Healthy showers, healthy rivers

Healthy showers

At Ecocirer every day we safe more water with healthy showers. Promoting a conscious way of traveling and being an image to follow at home. Its easy, you could do the same.

Healthy showers for save the water

We already know that clean, fresh water is a limited resource and all of us need it to survive. But, do we take it seriously?

Severe impacts are happening in the world and our supply of fresh water is limited, becoming one of our most precious resources. 70% of the Earth is made of water but many parts of the world suffer from not having clean water. That’s why the conservation is very important to preserve life.

With conserving water we mean to use it wisely and responsible. Learning how to save and keep it pure form pollution. Protecting then, our live and future generations to come. Many still believe that our water supply is infinite. But is already time to know the reality, only a 2% of the Eath fresh supply water is the ice while 97,5% is saltwater.

¿How can we solve the problem?

At Ecocirer we use strategies to reduce waste, prevent damage and improve management. We save the water we have today, while we care about the future.

A bath typically uses around 80 litres of water, while a short shower can use as little as a third of that amount. Thats why during the construction, we never thought about the idea of installing baths in the romos of our Hotel. But beware, since many power-showers may actually use more water than a bath!

We are always busy finding alternatives to minimize waste while maximize comfort. With our new improvement of the showerhead we calculated that we save a minimal of 105000 liters per year, around 3 full swimming pools!

Taking a shower at Ecocirer goes much further than a relaxing moment.

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