Healing food Mediterranean Style

For those who wants to know more about a fresh & healthy way of eating,

3 days of healing food workshop with Chef Raul Garcia can be a life changing opportunity. Develop new habits and explore the magic of healthy life, achieving a strong body and a sharper mind.

This retreat is a recipe to help attain some harmony for you.

Silent walks around the powerful Mountains of the Tramuntana and fresh cooking, using pure ingredients that nature brings us during this season. All you need to recharge the energy that high temperatures took away this summer.

Adapt the learning to your needs, listen your body and create a new and balanced nourishing schedule to start over a healthy year.

Raul grew up surrounded by the Mediterranean cuisine of Southern Andalusia; eating fresh vegetables daily from his family’s farm, the dining table was always bursting with colour, passion and diversity. Since completing his Masters in Political Anthropology at the University of Granada, he travelled, filled with a desire to learn the culture and food of the world.

In India he trained in Ayurvedic cooking. He integrate his knowledge of the mental and physical benefits of spices and herbs into all his dishes as well as bringing the fresh vivid sharpness of the Vietnamese kitchens.

Raul is always expanding his interest in the traditional and established culinary methods, yet exploring new dimensions, making fusions and adding his own big-hearted Spanish dynamism to every menu. Food is more than feeding people, but an art of life.

For the last four years Raul have been the head chef at Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat, Portugal, recently voted by The Guardian as one of the top 25 retreats in the world. In October 2017, he was featured as chef of the month in the edition of Vegan Living Magazine, and in 2018 all about his cooking was published in Veggie Hotels Book. The book about the joy of vegetarian vacations, where Ecocirer is also listed as one of the most amazing sustainable & vegan hotels in the word.

That´s how Barbara and Martin, founders of Ecocirer, and Raul, meet each other and decided to collaborate together fusion their knowledge in a 3 days retreat.

Friday (day 1)

  • Welcome drink
  • Vegan cake & energy balls
  • 20.00 Vegan dinner
  • 21.00 Introduction and circle

Saturday (day 2)

  • 7,30 to 8,30 Silent walk
  • 9,00 to 10,00 Nourish Breaksfast
  • 10,30 to 11,30  Speech: Importance of breakfast
  • 12,00 to 13,00 Marquet.
  • 14,00 to 15,00  Mediterranean Lunch
  • 16,00 to 16,00  Workshop
  • Free Time
  • 20.30 Dinner
  • 22,00 to 22,30 meditation optional.

Sunday (day 3)

  • 7,30 to 8,30 Silent walk
  • 9,00 to 10,00 Nourish Breaksfast
  • 10,30 to 11,30  Speech: Food for healing
  • Free time & check out
  • 12,30 to 13,30 Tips & recipes to take home
  • Goodbye snack
  • Welcoming
  • 2 nights & 3 days at Ecocirer Healthy Stay
  • 2 persons room (1 person room with extra charge)
  • Free wiffi
  • Sustainable experience
  • Aroma theraphy products
  • Vegan/vegetarian breakfast and dinner
  • Mediterranean Lunch & snacks
  • Two dinners
  • Evening circle
  • Watter & hebs infusions during the day
  • Contact with nature
  • Visit to the Finca (ecologic garden)
  • Silent walk
  • Guided morning meditations or evening meditation
  • Cooking course with Cheff Raul Garcia
  • Food knowledge & mindful eating
  • One coaching sesion to support your journey
  • Free & relaxing time
  • Material to bring back home: Tips, recipes & a new experience

Total Price:

  • 650€ 2 persons in double room
  • 900€ 1 person in double room


In case of cancellation, no refund. We can offer the possibility to assist to another retreat, within a year.