Mari Ljungqvist

I am very thankful and deeply honored to give of my wisdom and be a part of the Eco hotel.

The concept of the Eco hotel is based on quality and consiousness, the holistic creation of our future. It is a space of love and magic, in the highest essence of it. By using recycled elements to build a new amazing place, we express our strong love to earth in an creative artistic way.

The nutrition we get from healthy, organic food also shows our love story to earth, and to ourselves. We become what we take in.

Creating from a space where we nurture our earth with all the good elements from recycling, healthy food and the beauty and magic of art gives us such a richness and life force. We become part of something much bigger then ourselves.

We totally need places like this, where we can be part of an organic movement that comes from pure love. The environment is so important, and it mirror us. I moved to Mallorca just a year ago, to be more near nature, and it was as if the island just brought me here, calling me to come. Soller was my first destination, and just a few hundred meters from where the Eco hotel today actually is. I just fell in love with the mountains, the vibration and the people. It is hard to put words to the feeling of it, but today I trust that something so much. When I met Barbara and she introduced me to the Eco hotel, I felt like the whole concept was mirroring my inside world. It’s a dance of abundance in me that the Eco hotel is materializing in the world.

The Eco hotel uses all the elements of passion and love to the earth and that is living in the abundance of life. I’m totally amazed of the beauty that is created here, and it gives me hope and joy in life. The Eco hotel brings in the wholeness that we also own in ourselves.

When we use the goodness from earth and the food that is there for us, with awareness and in service of the greater good, we then give back to her, our mother earth. It is a love story of giving and receiving, that start with ourselves.

I will be guiding you to that knowledge from the inside, and the glory of the Eco hotel is holding the space with its amazing beauty of nourishment outside in. Its is a dance of receiving and giving.

I’m following my life’s purpose by constantly building bridges between the unconscious and the conscious, where my passion for dance and movement permeates my entire essence. I’m a therapist and teacher in Shamanic medicine, Psychosynthesis, Open Floor conscious therapeutic movement and Imago couple coach. I live and work in both Mallorca and Stockholm and lead groups around the world. Open floor conscious movement opens up for magical transformations! I work with individuals, couples and groups.