Let´s dance in Autumn

When your calendar is full, the phone is ringing, mails never end, kids needs attention… to find balance can be difficult. This unique retreat is a break in your daily life. A reminder and a research of simple and essential things that can bring back the balance into your life. Knowledge of healthy food and consciousness about body movement can create the balance within and the awarness of what is good for your unique self.

All through nature. Awarness of seasonal changes, healthy food and dance can bring back the connection with the elements and body. Boost your energy and find the balance, to reach your happiness.

This autumn is the first of four seasonal retreats.  You can either follow one single retreat or choose a packed of four.

Mari Ljungqvist, Therapist and teacher in, Psychosynthesis, Open Floor conscious therapeutic movement and Shamanic medicine. Expert on body awareness. She lives and works in both Palma Mallorca and Stockholm and leads groups around the world. Open floor conscious movement opens up for healthy and magical transformations!

Mari follows her life’s purpose by constantly building bridges between the unconscious and the conscious, where her passion for dance and movement permeates her entire essence. When we use dance to become fully embodied, physically, emotionally, consciously, it simply means we are wonderfully alive. That means we are present for what is offered: LOVE, LOSE, COLLECT, LEARN, CREATE, FEEL. With Mari’s genuine guiding through the body and soul, energies are transformed in a deep and inner way. www.mariljungqvist.se

Bárbara Martí, Founder of Ecocirer Healthy Stay. She started her research for a healthy living as a self need to feel balanced and empowered. Barbara is a self learning nutritionist, creative and counsious, about  body needs, the planet now and the future generations.

Barbaras passion is to capture the esence as a way to express the creativity with in her.

By using the colors of what nature offers us, she experiment with the fusion of fresh vegetables and fruits, and the transformation into a rainbow of colorful dishes.

Working with home grown seasonal fruits and vegetables Barbara observes the nature and adapt it into what the body needs.

A treat for your body an soul, because to be healthy is a celebration for body, mind, soul and nature.

  • 7.30-8-30 Morning movement or morning health inspiration
  • 9.00-10.00 Holistic/vegan breakfast with Barbara
  • 10.45 – 13.30 Class with Mari
  • 13.30-14.30 Brake in the nature & healthy snack
  • 14.30-17.30  Class with Mari
  • 19.00 Dinner

Evenings evening circel

  • 4 nights & 5 days at Ecocirer Healthy Stay
  • 2 persons room (1 person room with extra charge)
  • Free wiffi
  • Sustainable experience
  • Creativity motivation
  • Aroma theraphy products
  • Vegan/vegetarian breakfast and dinner
  • Midday snack or smoothie
  • Watter & hebs infusions during the day
  • Workshop outdoors at our Finca
  • Visit the Studio of the insternational artist Francesca Marti www.francescamarti.com
  • Guided tour through the ecologic garden of our Finca
  • Contact with nature
  • Silent walk
  • Guided morning meditations or dance meditation
  • Conscious body movement & dance
  • Food knowledge & mindful eating
  • Working with colours
  • Body awareness practice, processes
  • Experiential exercises
  • Dance ceremonies & flower mandalas
  • Knowledge about the Moon phases, nature cycles and healing herbs
  • Communnity
  • One coaching sesion to support your journey
  • Free & relaxing time
  • Material to bring back home: personal diary, workshop booklet, recipes, photos & an unforgateble experince

Dance for winter / 21 to 25 January 2019

Dance for spring / 1 to 5 April 2019

Dance for summer / 27 to 31 May 2019

  • Total price for one retreat: 1,200€
  • Pack of 4 seasonal retreats: 4,320 (-480€ 10% discount)
  • Payments to be done maximum 6 weeks before the retreat starts.
  • For the pack of 4 retreats, 2 payments are posible.
    • Last day for the first payment: 17th September 2018
    • Last day for the second payment: Marg: 18th February
  • In case of cancellation, no refund. We can offer the possibility to assist to another retreat, within a year.