Last brunch organized by Ecocirer at the Studio Francesca Marti

Nourish your soul with the relaxing silence of the powerful nature, in between the Tramuntana mountains.
Nourish your senses in an artistic environment,feel and follow the art pieces of Francesca Martí.
Nourish your body with a vegan brunch, made with the seasonal ingredients that nature brings to our garden.

What are you waiting for?
Save a date, visit the studio, eat healthy and have a great day.

Reservations at

  • Sage leaves tempura
  • Gluten free almond crostini 
with cashews fine herbs cream cheese and chives
  • Spirulina seaweed spaghetti with kale pesto, baby spinach, beans and seeds
  • Orange and mint granite with fresh strawberries
  • Ecologic white wine
  • Orange juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Mineral water
  • Coffee or tea


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