Apple Crumble

In November, autumn gets very romantic and I fall in love with all of it. November is another of my favorite months. Not winter yet but the cold wind begins to blow. Its always that month that leads you into the end of the year and remind you why autumn season is so lovely.

When I think about November I think about changing leaves, collecting wood to give light to our fireplace and warm our home. Remembering how much we like that sweater and becoming more cozy, deep and conscious.

I think about All Saints, Thanksgiving, warm drinks and Christmas commercials.

We like to celebrate each month honoring all what nature offers us during the season and we bring the harvest on our table. Pumpkins, carrots, kakis, sweet potatoes, Clementines and apples.

September was the month for apple picking, October for the apple eating and November for the apple crunching.

The unforgettable, unmistakable and adorable aroma of baked apples, apple cake or apple crumble with spices, is a basic rule to feel this season, making your home more cozy and filling your body with healthy nature.

Apple Crumble

If you like history, health and happy endings, you will enjoy reading about the apples in autumn. One of the earliest cultivated fruits. Apples come all the way from our ancestors and they grow now in many parts of the globe in different shapes, colors and flavors, with more than 7,500 varieties to enjoy.

All what we need for this season is a sweet flavor and a creamy texture ideal for baking. So here we have the best options to enjoy until the end if this month

– 4 apples
– ½ lemon juice
– 2 tbsp coconut sugar
– 1 ½  cup full oats
– 2 tbsp coconut flour
– 1 ½  tbsp vegan butter

Cut the apples in 4 pieces and take out the heart. Slice the pieces with a cheese slicer to get a very thin result. With the juice of half a lemon and 1 spoon of coconut sugar, mix it all with the apple.

Place the fruit in a baking mold and press it with your hands, so it gets compact and you can cut it easily without breaking the “cake”.

In a bowl, mix with your hands the oats, coconut sugar, butter and coconut flour. Big crumbs are allowed! Sprinkle a good layer of this mix, on top of the apples and bake it for about 30 min at 160º.

Let it cool down.  Don’t wait to long, the season invites you to eat it a bit warm and dress it with warm coconut cream and cinnamon sprinkled.

Good morning November.




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