Pink spelt bread

Trust me! Delicious mornings are addictive!
Mornings are much more than an alarm ringing, while you decide to stay in bed 5 minutes more and then you have to rush.
Every morning is a new life. A fresh start and a new chance to enjoy life, feel the nature, hug people we love, do things better and grow a bit more.
Every morning needs some quiet time to wake up. Time to focus, visualize and organize your new day starting. Meditation & good nutrition, is what you need to achieve what ever you want to achieve during the day.
Mornings are the most important moment of the day. It’s a moment for you and yourself. Take time with your agenda and your healthy breakfast.
Once you discover the power of the mornings you become an early bird, you realize that, mornings are meant to be delicious.
Ow, come on! Wake up and start to enjoy the beauty of little things.

Pink spelt bread

October has arrived and we put summer to rest.
Now, we are ready to receive the cool fall with open arms. Evenings are getting shorter and we start counting the minutes of sunlight lost each day.
Its time to walk on the damp earth, on the dry leaves, on some drizzle.
The slight temperature change and a new world of colors, scents and spices emerge. Its time to transform our house in a home sweet home and invite the autumn inside with apples, pears, cinnamon, new books, roots and freshly baked bread. And so, its time to say goodbye, see you soon, to the last summer dreams.

– 500gr Organic brown spelt flour
– 290ml warm mineral water
– 1 tsp pink Himalayan salt
– 1 tsp Coconut sugar
– 1 tbsp olive oil
– 20gr fresh yeast

Blend the warm water, olive oil, salt, sugar and yeast (its important the water is not cold), until its all well mixed. Then mix with the flour with the help of a spatula and when the dough is formed, start kneading with energy for not less than 20 minutes.
When the dough is ready, place it in a large mold. Let it rise in a warm space, under a cozy baking sheet and let the dough grow for about an hour.
Once your dough has doubled its size, pour on top the juice of a beet root.
Preheat the oven 175º and bake during 30 minutes.

See you in November!

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