January 11 to 14, 2019

Learn how to do a proper training and understand what, how and when you can eat.

Four intensive days to practice the importance of networking and feeling belonging to a group. How to organize your training and how to adapt it to your female cycle.

3,4 and 5 August 2018

For those who wants to know more about a fresh & healthy way of eating,

3 days of healing food workshop with Chef Raul Garcia can be a life changing opportunity. Develop new habits and explore the magic of healthy life, achieving a strong body and a sharper mind.

22-26 October 2018

When your calendar is full, the phone is ringing, mails never end, kids needs attention… to find balance can be difficult. This unique retreat is a break in your daily life. A reminder and a research of simple and essential things that can bring back the balance into your life.

If you are looking for an inspirational destination, a healthy refuge, a place to develop a corporate retreat, host a seminar or to focus on brainstorming sessions, we can organise a tailor-made package to suit your requirements.

You can focus on the future while we focus on your wellbeing. In a calm, relaxed yet  professional environment, we take care to create the perfect balance between work and nature. Good ideas thrive with an energized mind and body.

Meet and share new experiences. Explore your potential through our health retreats, within walking distance of the unspoiled wilderness of the mountains near Soller. Retreats in petit comité allow us to focus on the needs of each individual, bringing peace and creative nourishment.

December is the perfect month for a family retreat. A time to be together and to share home-life, without all the usual chores. Visit the island when quietness prevails. The earth is damp, the villages smell of sweet clementines and the houses light their open fires.  A perfect place to disconnect, explore and relax together with your family.

Rent the entire house. All the benefits of a hotel with the privacy and friendly intimacy of a family home.

We can provide you with:

  • Full house rental
  • Daily breakfast/brunch
  • Cleaning services
  • Private chef for the entire stay, Christmas or New Year
  • Activities
  • Baby sitter

Please contact info@ecocirer.com for availability and further information.