EcoCirer Events associates with professionals. We are a group of young Mallorquin, Danish and Swedish creative and innovative entrepreneurs. We each have a very clear vision but we fuse our knowledge and can imagine together, reaching new ideas and competent results.

Our spirit goes beyond work, we want to know you and make your marvelous day fit your needs. We will care for all your needs. We organize weddings, wedding anniversaries and important birthdays. Let us know what you want!

BÁRBARA MARTÍ. Wedding planner and designer.
I like to immerse myself in dreams. Nature is the source of my inspiration; elements colors, sounds, spaces, light, culture and people. Imagine and transform the simplest things into something extraordinary without losing its essence, capture personalities and styles naturally. I am the founder and director of EcoCirer Bed&Breakfast, Yoga & Meditation and Events where I unify energy, landscapes, healthy lifestyles, recycled elements, creativity and romanticism to create and organize sustainable, ecological, special and unforgettable events… so that the magic is never lost and you never stop dreaming.



MARTIJN LUCAS. Artistic Engineer
As a mechanical engineer, technology is my passion. In my life I practice the four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent and Recycle. I love to work with my hands and be practical, because for every object there exists more than one life and for every problem exists a solution. In EcoCirer my challenge is to transform ideas into reality, because everything is possible and everything is close by.

ROSA AYMAT. Coordinator
The bigger the challenge, the greater the satisfaction of accomplishing it. Over years working in events, advertising and film shoots, I enjoy listening to the shy ideas that end up becoming reality. Our mission is to realize your proposals and ideas in the most effective, structured ideas, developing a strategy and bringing it into completion.



PACO COLOMBÁS. Music and lighting
Paco Colombas is the director of his business PANELA, focused 100% in musical production. He is a DJ, singer, musician and is an expert in the local music scene, which allows his business to offer unique and personalized services, allowing you custom control of your event’s sound. A-la-carte service allows you to choose the songs for and soundtrack your event, whether live (ceremonial, cocktails, dinners) or club/dance. The stage setting is limitless, from a gospel choir to a children’s chorus for ceremonies, a stringed quartet or a pop music cover band a la classical or swing claves, a soul singer’s voice that gives you goose-bumps or a drum set/percussion ensemble to accompany the DJ with ground shaking beats. Maximum quality sound and lighting and visual projections in the space are big factors to consider and with PANELA you’ll have the option to custom color to your personal taste so that your special day is unforgettable.

How lovely it is to remember that time when we lived in Mallorca, our special day, the film of our life… and how marvelous to relive that moment! We love creating stories. We are passionate about creating to remember. We focus on holistic marketing and communications, video, photo, web, social media and graphic design projects. Come to Soller and get to know us, over a glass of orange juice we can start to create for you. We are Filarprim Productions, pleased to meet you!



My ambition is to find the magic and expand it with my camera, to transmit true emotions and feelings. I distance myself from the conditions of a studio, gear and pre-organized photos. Its about a genuine picture, that one might even call sustainable, because it endures, and it will evoke emotions and memories again and again… the happiest moments of your great event. During the last 10 years I have dedicated myself to professional photography combined with work in communications strategies. I have a strong talent for being social and it’s easy for me to connect with people, creating trust, a necessary ingredient to find the magic. I see beyond work, to be able to reach your expectations and needs.

LORENA PUERTOLAS. Fashion designer
I like fashion, I mean I LOVE fashion, it’s my passion! I adore fabric shops, the textures and spaces with personality. I offer the creation of unique couture pieces for very special days and to accessorize for personal shoppers.




Unique spaces
Decoration and design
Ecological, vegetarian and vegan catering
Beauty and styling
Lighting and sound
Guests and invitations