About me

My name is Barbara and I’m 32 years old. I grew up surrounded in art, values and nature. Even with my passion in travelling and getting to know the world, a stronger force always brought me back to my roots… the valley of oranges. It’s that Soller, the Tramuntana mountains and the Mediterranean Sea have a magic and unique power, that fills with love everyone who gets to know it.

My intense time in Holland was the beginning of a life-style change. Yoga and meditation became a part of my daily living. I entered the wonderful colors and flavors of veganism, ecological nutrition and natural medicine. As the daughter of an artist, I use foods as my creative instrument to invent new recipes.

I love harmony and being natural. I enjoy silence, planting fruits and vegetables, making homemade bread as my baker grandfather did. But what really makes me happy is to have my hands busy in antique furniture restoration, to upcycle and decorate some discarded object another has thrown away. Now I am returning to the mountains, newly wed to my husband, a man filled with intelligent sensitivity, my two daughters of one and two years of age and a backpack filled with ideas, studies, advice and experiences to share in a more conscious way, more natural and healthy living. Simply happy.


The Tramuntana mountains have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO