Orange & Almond Cream, with Orange Peel Jelly & Orange Blossom


Some days ago, after bringing our daughters to the daycare, I was leaving in a hurry to arrive on time and serve breakfast in Ecocirer. But something made me stop. The wonderful smell of orange flowers.

Wow!!! Suddenly my body was filled with positives vibrations and good memories. The fact is that, with so much work and rush since we came from Holland five months ago, I had not realized that finally, I´m in my favorite place during this season. Soller, in April and May.

These two months, Soller is in a kind of Renaissance. The spring sun visits us with a big smile, while the small streets are full of hikers and cyclists who venture to the Tramuntana Mountains. The Sollerics are happy for the arrival of our dear tradition, Es Firo. The beautiful orange and lemon trees are laden with fruit and decorated with white little flowers. That smells incredible. 


In May, the Sollerics hang their Moorish and Christian flags and prepare their traditional dish, with many different spices that perfumed the town together with the orange blossom. This special smell stays in the valley between the mountains, identifying our land and filling our spirit with excitement.

I whish I could explain it in words.

Well, as soon as I came back from my “little break”, I started to think about a vegan breakfast that could describe, Soller in May. And the result is Orange & Almond Cream with Orange Peel & Orange Blossom Jelly.


Until the moment, we have been so lucky! Very nice people visit Ecocirer, and always, we feel sad when they go back home.

Of course, with some people you connect more than others.

This week we are very happy and that’s how we feel about Julia & Stefan.

What a sweet, loving, friendly couple!!! They came from Germany, to disconnect of their busy life for one week. And they did it! We spent time together during breakfast, making raviolis, having lunch, deleting and finding pictures and sharing some smiles. We will keep as a treasure the beautiful memories and the comment full of love that they have been writing in our guest book.  

I will confess that, some tears went out wile reading it.

Julia & Stefan are opening a Vegan Cafe in Germany, “OPA, merce”. Im sure this will be all a success, because they have so much love their hearts. We wish them a lot of luck in this new adventure and very soon I will talk about this new “Ecocirer vegan mate”, that is about to open its doors.

For sure we will go to visit them and share some creativity. Maybe next winter!

But no so far, today I got a great new from Julia & Stefan!!! They are coming back to Ecocirer, next week!!! To join our Arabian vegan lunch on The Firo.

We are soooooo lucking forward!!!

Anyway, the morning after the “Oranges Invention”,  Julia and Stefan where having breakfast in Ecocirer. Together with Anja & Juan, Constanze and her boyfriend. Very nice couples as well!

So, I served them a pot of orange cream, asking for an opinion.  The score was not too bad… They all allowed me to post this recipe on the Blog J!!!!


So here it goes, a different way to eat an orange in the morning or as a dessert.


It feels so good to create a recipe, so aromatic and tasteful, with a few natural ingredients. And once again, in Ecocirer we try to use all parts of the fruit and vegetables, because with simple things we can create very tasty recipes!



Raw Almonds

Oranges Juice

Orange Peel

Orange Blossom

Agave Syrup


Mineral Water



And how we do it?

Very Simple!

The first step is to let raw almonds (more or less two full glasses) soak in water for at least 4 hours. Once the almonds are softer, we remove the old water and clean the almonds with fresh water (this step is very important).



Then we make enough orange juice. Separate a glass to make the jelly, and the rest (3 glasses) add it to the almonds, together with half a tablespoon of agar-agar in powder.


In a food processor, mix it well until smooth and the cream gets a beautiful color. Like a pearl with a soft orange touch. If the cream is two thick, add more orange juice, and mix well again.

Then let it rest in the fridge, so the agar- agar does its job.


The second step is to make the Jelly. We cut small & thin pieces of orange peel.

Into a pan, we pour a glass of orange juice, two glasses of mineral water, the chopped orange peel and a spoon of agave syrup.


Let it simmer for about 30-40 min, stirring frequently so don’t gets stick to the pan.

The pieces will become softer while releases the intense bitter taste. The juice will evaporate forming a kind of a jelly.

In that moment, we sprinkle some clove in powder and add more agave, if we feel it too bitter.


Mix it well for the last time and let it cool down.


The third step is to enjoy it!

Fill a bowl with about three fingers of orange & almonds cream, over it, add two teaspoons of jelly and decorate with some orange blossom petals.

Before you enjoy it, do not forget to stir well. The jelly might be too bitter and needs the calming effect of the cream, to taste really yummy.


Wherever you are, close your eyes and smell this cream. Then try it.

If you are far away home. If you have to work and you can´t enjoy a vacation. If  you want to remember good moments. Or you dont know Soller yet, but you want to get an idea … I invite you to try this recipe.

With only one spoon, you are going to fly to us. And feel, Soller in May.


For this beautiful people and nice things in life.



  1. Que fortuna que publicaste este recipio en el blog – fue obligatorio! Vamos a intentar hacerlo ya, aunque todavia no es la temporada de las naranjas frescas en Suiza 😉

  2. Gracias Constanze & Claudio,
    Seguro que si ponéis amor y entusiasmo en la receta, las naranjas van a saber tan ricas como las de Soller :)
    Pronto sale el Brownie…

    Un abrazo pareja!

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