Apple & Ginger Chutney


It seems that the big moment of year is here. The spring!! This is the moment to wake up, our opportunity to start over fresh and healthy.
After the winter month, now is the time of the year when nature gives us fresh vegetables and fruits, supporting a clean and detox diet for our bodies.
Good weather, light, flowers and little animals encourage us to open our windows and breathe deeply while reconnecting with our body. I love it! Don’t you? It´s time to go out, exercise and play!!!!
Time to observe the joy of people and their vibrant adrenaline, while listening the sounds of nature.


When you open your eyes after a sweet dream, if you want to start a good day, keep a pot of apple & ginger in the fridge. And after your juice, feel the springtime with this chutney!!!


Many are going to think that putting apples in a pan sounds like, an autumn-winter thing. But once you try it, you will discover that this taste is a description of the spring. Sweet, sour, spicy and fresh! A wonderful way to awaken your senses!


And, supporting the proper use of things, in this recipe we don´t waste any part of the ingredients


This is what we need:

3 Sweet apples
A piece of ginger (depends on how much you like spicy, you can add more or less quantity)
1 Tbsp of agave syrup
1 Tsp of cinnamon
The juice of 1 lemon
½ glass of mineral water

It goes like this:

Clean, peel and chop three apples, peel and grate a piece of ginger & make the juice of one lemon.



Prepare two pans. In the first pan, together with half a glass of water, bring to boil the skins and cores of the apples, so this water will take all the flavor & benefits of the apple skin. In the second pan, mix well the apple pieces, the grated ginger, the lemon juice and a tablespoon of syrup.


After a few minutes, when the boiling water takes on some color and release the great aroma of this fruit, add the juice and two strips of apple skin into the second pan, and let it simmer. The skin of the apple will help the chutney thickens quickly, and also is so healthy that, why we should throw it away?

Do not forget the chutney, take a look and stir it from time to time. Observe the whole process. The pieces of apples are becoming smaller while it creates a sort of compote. If you sense that, the chutney is getting pretty thick but the apple pieces are still too big, bring again some water to boil in the pot number one, and repeat the procedure. You are also welcome to help, breaking some apple pieces with a wooden spoon.



There will come a moment (after about 35 min) when, almost everything will be diluted, and there will be only a few small pieces of apple and trickles of ginger. It is time to add the cinnamon!! Turn up the heat and stir with intensity for two more minutes. If all goes well, the chutney will start having the appearance of a jam and will drop slowly from your wooden spoon, being even a little stuck to it.

Stop the fire and fill some jars at the limit, with the warm chutney. Close the jars and let them cool down the other way around. Then store them in the fridge.


There is a simple way to eat it. Just spread some cold chutney on a toast, add some grated lemon peel and sprinkle chopped dried roses. Delicious!


And there is also a glamorous way, an explosion of flavors! Add some yoghurt into a glass, then some apple and ginger chutney and allspice muesli on top. I will post about this muesli very soon, because it s all an experience!


This is the chutney with multiple benefits!!! Ginger, very rich in essential oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that provide many benefits to the human body. Lemon, this small fruit of nature, is on the top of the list as a curative and preventive fruit, a powerful bactericide, full of vitamins and a great way to eliminate toxins.

And what about the apple? It is enough to say that, “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Sorry if there is any misspelling. English is not my mother language.

Enjoy it! Barbara

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