Little Beets & Raw Cake


“You have inspired me with your breakfast.”
Wooow!!! One of the best complements I have ever got. And full of happiness for these so special words, I dedicate this post to our friend Anna, who after spending a few days in Ecocirer with her husband, asked me for the recipe of this raw vegan bombon that I served them, the last day of their holidays.

I have always made this recipe with coconut and cacao. But suddenly that day it occurred to me to do it with macadamia nuts and create a bitter touch and color with beet spark.

It turns out that I always get the desire to do all kind of experiments almost just before serving dishes on the table.
It does not matter whether it is a festive family day, dinner with friends or a breakfast in Ecocirer. Many times these artistic inventions where not so good, and we all ended eating some slices of bread instead.
That´s why I try to control my hands starting to pour ingredients in a bowl as soon an idea comes to my mind.
“Now is not the moment” I say to myself, but I can´t stop my movements and the curiosity is winning, to see the final result.

Anyway, the day that Anna and her husband came into the garden enjoying the last sun of their holiday, drinking a tea and waiting for the last dish of the breakfast. I was in the kitchen experiancing one of these “impulsive crises.”
As I had hoped, the result was very nice and full of color, so I could not wait to bring it to them! So sorry that I forgot to taste it, as so often! My husband always tells me “you can not serve inventions without first trying!” And he is absolutely right. But I get so much enthusiasm with colors, textures and the presentation that I just sense that if everything inside is fresh, no sugar, dyes or other stories … it have to taste yummy!!!
Luckily the raw little cake was tremendous :)


It is a sweet, very easy to prepare. You can eat it almost instantly, its raw and a pump of energy. Only eating a little piece you have a right dose to return to dynamism.
It is ideal as a snack to help to recover strength at mid-morning or afternoon. I give it to hikers after sleeping in Ecocirer, when they have a long walk to go through the Tramuntana Mountains, like Maria and her husband, their bombon were made with figs, nuts, coconut and cocoa. They told about it in the trip advisor.
Must be that the simple sweet is so good!!!
Thank you Maria, for the nice words :)

Or just to sweeten the mouth after lunch :)
Anyway, you can not miss trying something so easy and delicious!
Surely you have eaten some marzipan. This raw macadamia nuts bombon is very similar in both taste and texture, but so good that while chewing it, your teeth do not fall, because there´s not sugar in it!!!☺


Base: 1 cup walnuts and 3 or 4 dates. Mendol are delicios.
Filling: 2 cups of macadamia nuts.
Coverage: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon maple syrup and beet.


1. Put baking paper into a mold or dish with the shape you want.
To make the first layer, simply put the nuts in a food processor and grind until the consistency is pasty and the dry fruit begins to draw its oil, then add the dates (previously we take out the bone) and grind again.


These two ingredients create a perfectly mouldable mass.


We put the dough in the mold and with my hands I crush it all around the base, so that it is firmly packed and evenly distributed by the recipient.
If the mixture is right, the texture will be like a chewing gum and it will not break or become too mushy.


2. When the base is prepared, we grind the macadamia nuts and once again until the dry fruit shown oily, this dough is really looking like a marzipan. Do the same procedure with crushed macadamia cream on the first layer.


3. And finally the coverage.
Peel and cut the beet into small pieces. Then grind it, avoid to make it too thick or too liquid.
Melt a tablespoon of coconut butter, add the agave syrup and beet. Then spread it all over the filling.


You can eat the cake immediatly, but ideally to make it easier to cutt, just let it rest (20-30min) in the refrigerator. Before it becomes very cold cut it into bombons, as if it is a chocolate bar.


Now get ready to charge the batteries of your body !!!

It is wonderful for our senses! The tasting flavors goes through three levels. First you feel the intensity of the beets, then the softnes of “marzipan” and finally it comes the natural sweetness savour of the dates.


With love from Ecocirer,

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