Avocado & Lime Mousse with Chocolate Muesli


Xesc and his brother from the Soller Market bring fresh ecological fruits and vegetables to my home each week. I congratulate them because they are great! They know that my daughter Serena and I love avocados, we eat them like they are apples. So, this week they have gifted me a whole bag of avocados!! How great!!!!

They were a bit too small to serve "as is" in Ecocirer’s morning breakfast. They reminded me of decorative Easter eggs, and suddenly I got the idea. Without resisting even for a minute, I began to experiment on a bitter-sweet mousse that can brighten us in these coming Easter mornings. Because all of us, big and small, like to eat chocolate.


Even being a super easy recipe to follow, its truly deliscious, more than healthy and looks really nice. Its pastel colors are beautiful and relaxing. What more can we ask for?

Having this mousse, we will be ingesting everything the body needs to start the day in a good way. Cereals, dry fruits, greens, fruit, yoghurt, cacao and a pinch of sweet. A bomb of vitamins & energy, that is going to put a smile on your face. Here you have our vegan pleasure!!!

Ingredients for the Muesli:
500 gr Avena
100 gr Chopped Macadamia Nuts
50 gr Sliced Cashews
2 Tbs Grated Coconut
2 Tbs Pure Cacao Powder
3 Tbs Amaranth
2 Tbs Pinios
2 Tbs Coconut butter
2 Tbs Agave Nectar
1 grass Mineral Water

Ingredients for the Green Mousse:
6-8 Small Avocados
1 Banana
1 Tbs Agave Néctar
1-2 Tbs Soy Yoghurt

The first step is to make homemade muesli.


Preheat the oven to 160.
In a container, mix the dry ingredients, oats, amaranth, coconut, crushed macadamia and cashews.


In another bowl we make "Mary's Bath", two large tablespoons of coconut butter, agave nectar (in this case I used natural honey because our clients are vegetarian), 2 tablespoons of cacao and a small glass of water.

Once everything is melted and creamy, we slowly add it to the dry ingredients, while constantly stirring so that the oats dont swell and become like porridge.

When all the liquid is in the oats, we stick our hands into it and mix thoroughly as if making bread, we form the dough into something round.


We prepare a pan with oven paper and we flatten the dough with the help of a big spoon, so it remains flat and compact. This will create a huge energy bar and will help us break it up into the typical cruchy balls of muesli.


We put it in the oven for about 30min, taking a peek every 10 minutes.
Dont forget it! its very easy to burn dried fruits and being that, there is chocolate in it, its not so easy to determine when they will get that golden toasted look. But, its easy to know when its almost done by the amazing irresistable smell that impregnates the entire house.

While the muesli is following its course, we focus on the Mousse.


Because the avocados were small and I needed mousse for 6 people, i peeled 8 avocados… for the same amount of people 2 or 3 big avocados would be sufficed. And make the juice of 3 or 4 limes.


Mix it with the avocados in a blender. You can sweeten it as you like, with syrup, sugar or natural sweeteners like a banana, that makes it more creamy, or a pear that has the effect of making it more liquid, ideal for a smoothie.


On this occasion I have sweetened it with some syrup and a banana. Blend into a soft and creamy mousse consistency with the help of a spatula and we taste to see if it needs more sweetening.

By the time we finish the mousse, the muesli is almost ready. We take it out of the oven and break it into traditional muesli chunks.


I like to let it sleep all night, so that way in the morning its super crunchy!!!
But to eat it warm and just coming out of the oven, is very tempting, I know!
In a bowl or a cup we add a few spoons of green mousse. It looks beautiful in glass because you can appreciate all the pastel colors.
Then a few spoonfuls of yoghurt, a bit of chocolate muesli and grated coconut.


Now has arrived the time to enjoy! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, put a spoonful into your mouth and exhale, filling your five senses with pleasure.


This mousse is precious to look at, its soft, creamy and sweet. But at the same time it has a hint of bitterness that says "good morning"!
Repeat once and again, be conscious and mindful. It is a breakfast, a meditation.


Happy Easter!

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