For a beautiful couple, three nice breakfast

For a beautiful couple, a nice breakfast.
The sun is saying good morning in Rosemary room.
After a privet & romantic dinner, they open their eyes with a healthy-homemade breakfast in the bed.
A bit of love is the best recipe, to make our clients feel at home. Because we live happy being vegan!


Superfoods & banana Muffin
Soya Yogurt with Apple and Ginger Chutney & Cinnamon Muesli
Spinaches, Avocado, Pesto & vegan Parmesan on Spelt Bread
Orange, Grapefruit & Chia Seeds Juice
Brasilian Latte

I feel so blissful helping other people to start a new happy day.
It is so nice to cook ecologic & vegan, healthy, fun and simply delicious.
I feel free experimenting & using my creativity,
filling me with the energy of colours and flavours, 
to start a

Mango, Orange, Chia Seeds & Cashews Mousse with Blueberries Cream, Muesli & Quinoa
Tomato, Spinaches & Shitakes Mini Pizza, with Rucula, Parmesan & droplets of Teriyaki sauce.
Dates, Nuts, Coconut & Cacao Bombon
Avocado, Orange & Strawberries Smoothie
Guatemala Capuccino


Today is the last of three romantic days it is always sad when nice people go but we feel happy, because they seems to be happy I remember how nervous we were to welcome our first & second customers
and the comfort when they left with a big smile
not saying goodbye, saying see you very soon!
With the same desire we will wait all the weekend
to be on monday and receive new people.

This is how they start their trip back to Germany.


Thank you and see you soon
Quinoa Pancakes with Chocolate, Strawberries, Banana & Blueberries
Scrambled Tofu Turmeric with Dry Tomatoes, half Avocado with Olive Oil & Pine Nuts Bread
Sesame & Amaranth PowerBar
Blackberries & Orange Smoothie
Matcha Latte

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