Ecocirer is in Solidarity with the Syrian Refugees

foto-teles Three essences fill my life; the mix of aromas born from incense and tea while I’m cooking vegetables, the vibrant aroma of making orange juice in the morning and the smell of history.

That’s how the textiles smell from the Nova Factory in Soller… more than 40 years of history. A space in which I can loose myself running through time, stillness guarding its interior.  Between the rusted machinery, cuts, samples and thread bobbins left by the last shift of workers in the 1990’s to the wasted excess of fabrics, survive the last pillars that reflect the memories of more than 100 years of industry in our valley.

Now, thanks to a motivated group of Soller residents, these last almost forgotten textiles recover life.  After being washed, ironed and sewn, woven pieces of diverse prints, which in fact are unique works and in limited supply, are now put to humanitarian use.  A percentage of sales will go towards benefiting the 400,000 plus Syrian refugees who crossed the Mediterranean in search of a better life.  Many currently live with 13€ a month and the EU needs 7 billion € urgently to cover basic necessities.

As a promoter of recycling and conscience, I am grateful to be able to support this initiative.  Ecocirer will contribute a grain by serving breakfasts on these local table cloths.  Where you can also help by taking one home with you!

We do this in honor of reinvent and reuse, to give life to our local history and better the conditions of the refugees…  for personal awareness and our environment.

Have a happy weekend.


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