An inspiring result of planting, growing and homemade cooking. We love to eat healthy!

The kitchen is now probably the most important room in our restored house. Full of life, colours and delicious smells, it exists as the center of our creativity, activity and socializing.

We nourish our body with biologic products. Supporting the local farmers who do not alter the raw material with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, or pollute the soil, water and air.

Nature lovers. We respect the cycles of Earth and the natural ingredients of each season. Our breakfasts are based on the fruits that have grown from seeds in our garden and the fresh ingredients  found in the local market.

Relax in our palm garden, where a different and creative breakfast awaits you each morning. Discover that healthy eating can be a dazzling surprise. A pinch of color and a responsible breakfast will make you feel fabulous.

Eat healthy and live better. It is not a radical belief, it’s a balanced philosophy and a lifestyle to follow, as much as possible.

Good morning!