Don’t forget to toast and wish. Christmas & New Year dinner

Cozy nights & twinkling lights. This year Ecocirer offers a daily dinner during all the holidays and special dates. Come and celebrate with us!

Please contact us for more information

From 1 to the 23 & 27 to the 30 December 2018
From the 2 to the 8 January 2019
45€ per person

Menu: 1 starter + 1 main dish + desert + bottle of wine or cava

Special Christmas dinner 24-25-26
65€ per person

December 24th 2018

A toast, a hope, a laugh, a dream
Sharing time on a magic night.
Merry Christmas!

  • Glass of coral cava with Appetizer
  • Celery dip filled with spinach & artichoke cream
  • Chickpea soup with rosted brussel sprouts and crema di balsamico
  • Black truffle sauteed mushrooms on charcoal bread with gold sparkles
  • Allspice & lemon Greek Quince with roasted cauliflower & rosemary sweet potato
  • Orange navels with cinnamon
  • Classic chocolate & peanut fudge

December 25th 2018
A heart full of love,
A life full of energy,
A dream full of passion.
This Christmas red is our colour.

  • Gluhwein with amuse
  • Radicchio & gooseberries salad with goatcheese & seeds crackers
  • Pumpkin cream with red brush strokes & poached organic egg
  • Black truffle sauteed mushrooms with red risotto
  • Sage smoked roasted beetroot steack with crushed purple potato & green asparagus noodle wraps marinated with red wine gravy
  • Raw vegan berries Cheese Cake

Special New Year Dinner 31 December 2018
120€ per person

Special menu

A toast;
For a new book of dreams
For 12 chapters of adventures
For 365 pages of chances
We wish you a healthy & loving 2019!

  • Coral cava with appetizer
  • Artisan breads with extra virgin olive oil from our Finca, black tapenade & truffle butter
  • Traditional “Coca de verdura” mallorquina innovated with kale & teriyaki sauce
  • Vichyssoise with coconut cream
  • Black truffle sautéed mushrooms with green asparagus noodle wraps
  • Pumpkin Risotto ball filled with mozzarella di bufala on a baby spinach nest marinated with vegan gravy
  • Chestnut & cacao mousse with wild red berries & golden paper sprinkle

New Year Lunch 1 January 2019
65€ per person

Special menu