Leyre Goñi Molestina

Leyre Goñi Molestina, 34 Publicist & Businesswoman

My dearest friend Barbara has asked me to write about my concept of life here where I live now, Ecuador. Has it changed that much?

I could have just said, it´s exciting and I guess that could have summarized my new life pretty well, but there is so much to it!

Ecuador is a very small country where you can spend time and enjoy virgin beaches, Andean mountains, Amazon region or Galápagos at any time during the year. All regions have their own particular weather with no changes, all year round. It is common to enjoy most surroundings covered by wild vegetation; incredible places almost unknown to many, no pollution and best of all, all regions have their own particular exotic fruits, travelling in Ecuador is a safe amazing experience!

When I arrived to Quito, Ecuador´s capital, my first impression was to see a crazy city, very American, with lots of traffic, although filled with incredible colorful contrasts!

Life goes by at a different pace; nothing is that important or worth of running for.

There is color everywhere. Traffic stop signs/lights are the perfect place where to buy for just one dollar, delicious exotic fruits of all kinds.

Women coming from all parts of the country sell fruit together with their children and elders.

I passed from working as a publicist at a very well-known company in Quito –and almost not having time to eat- to making natural fruit tea.

I said to myself one day, why not? It´s a country where you find delicious and exotic fruit everywhere, I had to share this tasting experience with as many as possible, too good to just keep it to myself, there had to be a way to spread out the concept of wild nature and the taste of “drinking” real exotic fruit. Believe me, it can be done and it can be done in a responsible way. I did it!

My business is a very small operation “Company”. Everything we buy is at a fair price; we want to make it natural, the way my grandmother use to make tea. We want to share the concept of “good” versus “healthy”.

All we purchase comes straight from very little farms where exotic fruit grows, no chemicals involved, as they say… Buying becomes an incredible experience, we sometimes even share and learn to understand different ways of life! We cross the country looking for exotic goods and best of all, we find them!

At my little business, we cut, wash, dehydrate and mix flavors to later pack them in saches with care, patience and love, always expecting this cup of exotic fruit tea becomes part of an incredible moment for you here in Ecuador and at Ecocirer too.

Barbara, we´ve made it! Years have passed by and we both still share and live this wonderful “natural” concept of life and best of all we share it with others!