Francesca Martí

Francesca Martí, Artist, Mallorca Spain.
March 2018

I wish to share this words to all of you readers of Ecocirer Concept, reflections from some of the thoughts i had during my trip in Africa. Where I have been some weeks in contact with pure nature and animal life. This has given me an inner peace and the space to breath, space to think and feel.
In my trajectory as an artist, today, now, I am expressing and developing in a very personal view the invasion of communication that is arriving to us from everywhere, in a fast speed. Almost losing the perception of time!

I have doubts if our brain is capable place in order all the information. There may be many contradictions in our societies. This phenomenon is more immerse and changing our brain and mind.  Reality and virtual reality, is blocking us to observe many small fragments of our life.
We are followers, an addictive component in soul and mind, followers of the minds with the net system in a global manifestation.

At the same time we need to believe to feel save, “Believes and Believers”

Back to the nature energy is already a need for many people that lives into the massive agglomeration of the cities, small things to feel without stress. To breath the purity, to have less and consume less, the new luxury for our soul, the essence of life and being, the important and not important of our existence…
Natural aliments, healthy vegetal food, to be concern about the damage of our planet. We believe in life and love.