Bjorn Larsson Lindman

Stockholm, Sweden, MBA(DHS), Industrial Psychology, Psykoterapeut (40 years), Leg. Sfkeh. The Instute for Analytical Psykology. The Psykosyntesis Academy Stockholm. Consultant in Leadership and Organization.

The Dalai Lama has said: “The World will be saved by the Western women”. Just changing his words a little I would say “The World will be saved by the World’s new, generations of conscious, experienced and well-educated women”! 

The World is tormented by impending ecological and social catastrophes. Today’s leaders are mainly men suffering from Arcomania, ideas of domination and being on the top of the society, and blinded by dreams of more money and more power.

Men already in power will never be able to change or allow changes that would help save the World.

In favour of an alternative leadership, men in power have to step down from their present positions and wait in the “backdrop” until a new order is established.

This would probably mean the biggest shift of power, control and domination in the history of mankind.

For the future, my hope lies in mature and brave women and men working together. 

For the present, my hope lies in strong, well educated and experienced women take the lead.

For a successful transformation, my hope lies in that soon a great majority of people understands the urgent situation we live in and start demanding a change. 

From the book: How to Kill a King. What all women should know about Power and Domination.

/Björn Larsson Lindman/ 

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