Loquats & Apple Crumble


Last week our house was more than full. Nice people coming in and out, enjoying the sun and our tasty breakfast. Guests from Germany, Sweden, Holland and Italy, all together we had a nice, chaotic & crazy weekend, lunch and party, on Monday 9th.

It gives such a nice and warm feeling, to be surrounded of old and new friends.
Especially of people, that appreciates the beauty of little things, the inspiration of nature and the simple, natural & healthy living.
And some moments of silence.

But, to be surrounded with so much people means, less time for certain things.
And not forgetting my mom role, this week I come with a very easy recipe. 
But not less tasteful!

With no time for going far away for a research and photos, I just opened the doors of Ecocirer and I find in our garden, a big beautiful loquat tree.

Full of fruits!!!

It could not be better!!!




After picking them from the tree, I had to be a little patience peeling these little fruits, hmmmm they are so small!!!

But from there, direct to the oven! And, just in 15 min, the crumble is ready!




The family that was staying with us for a long week, has been enjoying every afternoon picking and eating this natural candy.  And I have been enjoying looking at them so happy. Specially the busy mother, she was so free with some natural quality time!!!

Prepare 6 ingredients;

Almond Flower
Vegan Butter
1 spoon of Brown Sugar

And then, follow me;

Preheat the oven to 160º – 180º degrees.

Peel the loquats and take out the bones. You don’t really need to cut them in pieces, because they are already small.


Add the juice of half a grapefruit and the spoon of sugar. Let it rest a few minutes while these ingredients mix their flavors.


If you like, you can also cut some small pieces of apple, to keep in touch with the traditional crumble. I did it!


In a bowl, blend some almond flower or chopped almonds together with one spoon of vegan butter. Mix it with your fingers, creating the typical crumble little balls. But with no need to add sugar, as the normal crumble 😉



In a little baking pan, put some loquats and grapefruit mix, and cover it with the crumble. Then, sprinkle some oats above. Put it in the oven for about 15-20 min. You will see when is ready, because the crumble becomes toast and with a golden color, and you can hear the fruits boiling inside.

Let it cool down for 2 min and enjoy this seasonal, simple, delicious breakfast.

Nature gives us so many beautiful things. Lots of them are so close to our reach, to let our creativity flying free. And be happy.

We are so lucky!!! 9

For all that mothers with little time. With this dish it will look like, you have been working for some hours in the kitchen. Psst! Our secret!!!

With love,


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